Karman’s new lighting structure pays tribute to ancient Greek prophets

Karman’s latest collection of lighting structures pays tribute to the myth of Sibyls who were famously interrogated to elicit prophecies.

Sibilla is a collection of pendant lamps designed by Luca De Bona & Dario De Meo. The suspension lamp emits light in all directions and changes, depending on the angle from which it is looked at.

Bursts of light are channelled in all directions like sound waves from a suspended frame that animates the surrounding space with an expressive graphic boldness.
A central iron rod juts out into horizontal and vertical arms capped with domes that diffuse light. The collection is available in three different sizes that come in black or white finishes.

The system is a creative geometric composition of vertical and horizontal arms, leading to cones housing light sources. Its supporting structure is a reference to Dutch neoplasticism, an  art movement founded in 1917 in Leiden.

“This light was designed as if it were sound travelling through space, making its radiant voice heard as it exudes a sense of both poeticism and practicality,” says Karman.