Keilhauer expands its leather offerings with a new collection

Keilhauer launched two leather collections that are available in all-new colourways. The collection provides designers with options for Keilhauer’s leather furniture offerings, as a more sustainable alternative to traditional leather.

According to the company, the Aria and Valda collections are produced in a clean-water leather facility that is 100 per cent CO2 neutral and meets the benchmark in its water purification process. “The production of Aria and Valda follows a best-in-class animal welfare mandate, including product-to-farm traceability and a supplier code of conduct.”

Aria comprises 24 neutrals with justright undertones for effortless matching: a variety of multidimensional blacks, greys, whites, and browns. Aria is a chrome-free, soft and pliable semi-aniline leather that provides comfort and durability, making it suitable for high-use furniture items.

Valda features 14 trend-forward, colourful options that maintain the ability to pair well with more muted colour palettes. Valda includes rich hues such as a deep, buttery yellow and a vibrant, punchy pink, as well as more standard leather colorways like browns, blacks and navies. Valda is an aniline leather with all the distinct features of the natural hide, including a grain which varies in structure and offers outstanding comfort.

Aria Product Details
Grade B
Class 6 Colorfastness
Raw Material: Scandinavian Cattle
Thickness: 1.1-1.3 mm

Valda Product Details
Grade C
Class 3 Colorfastness
Raw Material: Scandinavian Cattle
Thickness: 1.3-1.5 mm