Silestone by Cosentino launches new sustainable Ethereal Collection

Silestone by Cosentino has launched its second collection under its new logo and brand direction. The Ethereal collection is a representation of sustainability, coinciding with the recent transition the Silestone brand has undergone with the development of the cutting-edge HybriQ technology.

This new evolution of Silestone leads to a series of patterns over a white canvas. The collection is also the primary focus for Cindy Crawford’s campaign featuring Silestone Ethereal, titled ‘Metamorphosis’.

This marble-inspired collection consists of four colours: Ethereal Dusk, Ethereal Haze, Ethereal Glow, and Ethereal Noctis, designed to recreate the dream-like beauty of the sky. Each shade offers a deep, fine veining on a white foundation.

Ethereal Dusk exhibits a nod to urban style, with bluish-toned veining that brings a modern and avant-garde touch to any space. It embodies the uniqueness of a sunrise, where peace, solemnity and tranquillity are pictured on the horizon at the last moments of darkness.

Ethereal Haze includes a dynamic range of grey tones emitting plenty of personality. Conveying both calm and vibrancy thanks to an interplay of gradients, it provides a blend of pure neutrality. Inspired by how the wind moves the clouds over the mountains, Ethereal Haze creates an optical illusion of serenity and softness.

Ethereal Glow is simply pure, classic elegance. Its golden, grey veining merges with a tinged white foundation, running through the entire design and bringing an accent of colour to every corner. It is inspired by the blazing sunset’s colours and glow, and is an evolution of the internationally acclaimed shade Calacatta Gold from the Silestone Eternal Collection.

Ethereal Noctis is synonymous with sophistication. The marbled white backdrop is interrupted with short grey and black veins, providing contrast, depth, simplicity, and modernity. It is inspired by the darkness that comes after sunset.