Keilhauer introduces a modern spin on the classic club chair

Keilhauer announced a new contract furniture collection inspired by the club chair. The Setle set is a modern seating collection adapted from Bendtsen Design Associates’ residential U-Turn chair, and exclusively designed by Bendtsen for commercial application.

Photo courtesy of Keilhauer

“Keilhauer wanted to utilize that same feeling of big comfort that the U-Turn chair provides and apply it to the commercial market,” says Mike Keilhauer, President. “We are thrilled with the results of this collaboration with Bendtsen, which brought us Setle.”

“We were working on a very classic club chair with four legs, but then we started thinking about how to make it more dynamic,” says Bendtsen Design Associates. “The main feature of Setle is how the chair’s geometry undercuts and merges to the ground. This makes the chair both familiar and modern – it is very design-oriented.”

Photo courtesy of Keilhauer

Intentionally designed to be integrated into a variety of spaces within modern or traditional workplaces, Setle is available in two styles – Lounge and Side. The Setle Lounge Chair is lower to the ground with a deeper seat; an ideal solution for lobbies and conversational, collaborative meeting spaces. The lounge model also allows for quiet, reflective moments alone, making it suitable for activities such as private phone calls. The Setle Side Chair features a more slender shape and upright posture, with a shallower seat and more compact footprint. The side model was designed to be used in meeting rooms, providing a soft contract seating alternative to typical office chairs.

In both styles, Setle features a 360° turning capability that facilitates easy conversation. Installed on a discreet steel base, the swivel function was designed to be ultra-quiet. Setle’s swivel feature can include a memory return option, which permits the chair to return to its original placement once vacated.

Photo courtesy of Keilhauer

While being quiet and discreet, the Setle collection still stands out with plenty of character, providing big comfort with its curved back and integrated seat cushion. Impeccably crafted, Setle was meticulously stitched using an old-world attention to detail, resulting in a chair that is timeless and enduringly stylish.

“With this design, we wanted to bring your memory back to your home,” says Bendtsen Design Associates. “The Setle chairs’ soft surfaces and seating cushions provide comfort while still being able to perform in commercial settings.”