Philippe Starck ponders the environment with first product for Andreu World

Spanish furnishings manufacturer Andreu World’s first collaboration with the French juggernaut that is Philippe Starck is a remarkably minimal new sustainable seating collection just loaded with environmental considerations.

Called Adela Rex, the new chair uses a popular go-to in the catalogue of environmentally-friendly materials: plywood. A special mold shapes the plywood into a curvaceous and comfortable form, and uses no fittings or screws to connect the three pieces but rather fits together like a self-supporting puzzle. These interlocking elements are key to Adela Rex’s sustainability marks, making it easily separable for future recycling.

Part of Andreu World’s 100% pure wood project, made with only selected slow-growing wood from reforested forests on the company’s own land, and is 100% FSC Certified, the Adela Rex collection consists of armchairs and chairs made of oak or walnut plywood. The armchair version offers two width options, and the interior of the seat and back can be upholstered in a wide range of fabrics or leather.

“We want wood in our lives. It is a basic human need to be surrounded by signs that remind us of nature and predict the future,” says Starck.