Milky’s Cloud Room: Uncontained

2nd location of award winning design-focused coffee shop features dynamically changing interior inside a container.

The iminently gramable and award-winning (including a 2020 Best of Canada Award) Milky’s opened a second location, called Cloud Room, on October 10th in a shipping container in downtown Toronto’s Stackt Market. Embracing slow coffee, the new location features dynamically changing lights and a brew bar for making handmade coffee and tea.

Inside the front doors. (Photo credit: Riley Snelling)

Cloud Room earns its name from moving light that collects shadows in the three dimensional travertine pattern covering the walls and ceiling, The effect mimics the shadows of moving clouds across the wall. Light moves at a very slow pace; imperceptible when stared at, but noticeable over the time it takes to order and make a coffee.

Retail shelves: travertine extrusions as shelf support (Photo credit: Riley Snelling).

Milky’s Cloud Room was designed and built by newly founded Full Fat Studio. Developed from the architectural language and graphic patterning created for Milky’s by Batay-Csorba Architects, Cloud Room achieves a familiar, yet new feeling. Changes in material, colour, pattern, and details create two distinct spaces.

Stone three dimensional detail (Photo credit: Riley Snelling).

The entire interior was custom designed and fabricated to outfit the interior of a container. The travertine walls and ceiling were machine sculpted by MarbelaAnony designed intelligent light fixtures to control the ambiance and create the cloud effect. Other fixtures, such as fibre-optic counter lights, were customized to suit the space. A miniature sized herringbone wood from Relative Space covers the floor.

Brew bar and turntable with natural light (Photo credit: Riley Snelling).

“We wanted the second location to be distinctly Milky’s, while having its own personality. Slow coffee was an appealing concept, so we started thinking about how to create a space for slowness,” said Fraser Greenberg, founder of Milky’s and partner at Full Fat Design. “Stone was our material choice, because of its age and solemness. Clouds were our concept because of their speed and unpredictability.”

View from the back (Photo credit: Riley Snelling).

“At Milky’s D*ndas, our initial thought was how we could use someone’s morning coffee routine as an opportunity to put them in a good mood. At Cloud Room, we started with how it’s an opportunity to slow down and appreciate the moment,” said Greenberg.

View from the back (Photo credit: Riley Snelling).

The idea that everything surrounding the offering is as important as the product – from presentation to hospitality –  has helped shape the concept of Milky’s Cloud Room. Thoughtful design is everywhere in the space, from the narrow colour palette to the unique cups used for each drink, all to create a space that slows down time.

Front of the shop (Photo credit: Riley Snelling).