BARIL launches a signature collection of high-end faucets

Quebec faucet maker BARIL launched a signature collection of high-end faucets designed for residential bathrooms called FLORA. Imagined in BARIL’s studio in Montreal, under the artistic supervision of Mario Gagnon, the collection includes a set of bath, shower and lavatory faucets and round customizable handles.

Customizable handles, 8 finishes and 13 color accents
Photo credit: Eric Branover

“We wanted to create an innovative collection that is sustainable in terms of both quality and style. Faucets that lines, like their components, will last over time,” says Marie-Eve Baril, president of BARIL.

FLORA – Floor-mounted tub filler and lavatory faucet
Photo credit: BARIL

The collection also offers 13 different colour accents, ranging from wood to marble, and eight finish options. Moreover, the installation of FLORA products include three different layouts for the shower system with the option to choose the positioning of the  two-piece lavatory faucet handles.

FLORA – Single handle 2-piece lavatory faucet
Photo credit: BARIL

“It’s crucial for us to create added value and bring well-being to our customers, to our community. Our purpose at BARIL is to deliver smartly designed, high-value faucets meticulously thought for everyday life,” says Baril.