Umbra designs a sustainable and multi-functional bicycle

Umbra has released a new multi-functional bicycle concept that addresses the challenges of commuting sustainably, while living in small spaces with limited storage.

Blurring the lines between interior decor, transportation, and recreation, CADENCE transforms to meet the needs of each day — it begins as a finished entryway bench and side table; then unfolds to become an emission-free ride. The bicycle also converts to comfortable outdoor seating; and upon arrival home, CADENCE stows securely away as an attractive and functional piece of furniture.

“With CADENCE, I wanted to design something that we have never done before. We see many people moving to the city, living a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle. Why design a bike? To me, it is eco-friendly and provides active lifestyle balance. But this is not just a bike; it is part of the home interior,” says Sung wook Park, Senior Design Lead, Umbra.

Umbra is committed to advancing values of sustainability through design that will have a direct impact on generations to come. CADENCE represents this commitment to design for the future, suggesting a new way to interact with furniture that transitions between indoor and outdoor spaces while addressing social and environmental concerns.  


Umbra Design Lab from umbraltd on Vimeo.