Supersalone: Welcome Back, gli amici!

Nowhere near as expansive as a normal iteration, a pared down version of Salone del Mobile, Milan called “Supersalone” still drew more than 60,000 attendees in the first week of September, over half of which were trade operators and buyers (and half of that from outside of Italy) to see 425 brands showcasing new product. And as always, off-site exhibitions gave the city a vibrancy that has been long awaited.


Mass Pressure | Horm

Bull in a china shop? More like a wrestler in a room full of ballet dancers. That is the impression this fabulous find made among the aisles of typically refined and delicate Italian furniture. Designed by Dror Benshetrit, the armchair compresses a cubic metre of foam rubber around a tubular metal frame and then paints it in an oxidized copper and/or concrete effect using a complex manual surface treatment. A brutish appearance that contrasts nicely with its soft functionality, this prototype will be turned into a commercial version sometime in 2022.

Fuoripista Bike | Elite

Home isolation during the pandemic, when we were all sitting at home getting fat, led to the explosion of commercials for home stationary bikes like Peleton. But none of them looked like this! Designed in cooperation with Adriano Design, this space-age wheelless wellness bike made of ash wood, tempered glass, and steel is decidedly more sober and refined in its style – a very Italian approach to the growing home athleisure market.

Garden | Geo Luz & Cerâmica

At the off-site Brasil – Design in Motion exhibition, organized at the University of Milan, issues of sustainability and biophilia were on full display in the myriad of products being shown. But this little ceramic and aluminum table lamp nestled within a mini-garden was a pleasant find. Designed by Maurício D’Ávila, it is both playful and practical in its suggestion of how to include nature in everyday objects and spaces.

Ringer | Kettal

This first collaboration between Michael Anastassiades and the Spanish outdoor furniture manufacturer was conceived as a minimal approach to café dining furniture. The title references the traditional Game of Horseshoes, and links to the gesture of the armrest sitting on top of the legs. Like most of Kettal’s lines, the collection is made of aluminum for easy rearranging.

Croma | Lodes

The fourth output in an ongoing collaboration with designer Luca Nichetto, this floor lamp takes its name from the Italian word for a musical note known as a ‘quaver’ or ‘eighth,’ played for one eighth the duration of a whole note. Here, unlike typical standing lamps, the fan out occurs at the base rather than the top, allowing a slender frame to emit subtle washes of light upwards across the wall and ceiling.

Grace |

Taking up residence at Galleria Rossana Orlandi for Milan Design Week, the London-based design house presented a wide-ranging exhibit of their work, within which they launched interesting new pieces by Slovenian designer Nika Zupanc. Inspired by the shape of seashells, the Grace corner sofa is upholstered in rich brown velvet from French fabric company Lelièvre Paris and reflects a desire for conviviality and comfort in a time of separation

Milano Horizontal | Tubes Radiatori

Since radiators still exist, why not a flashy, sinuous, seductive version of it? That’s what designers Antonia Astori and Nicola De Ponti have done to an otherwise utilitarian appliance. Electrically powered and now available in a horizontal application in two lengths, this reinvisioned piece of interior sculpture can be installed on the wall or floor, suspended a few centimetres off the ground.

Davos | Verzelloni

This new sofa line designed by Lievore + Altherr Désile Park brings the comfort of home to office or commercial spaces. Two side rails curve gently and fit into the perimeter of the seat, while the high backrest acts as a protective barrier from looks and noise, preserving the comfort and support of the lines typical of residential sofas.

Dam XL | Arrmet

This stool is the latest addition to one of the company’s most popular collections. An additional ring makes the back of the stool higher, ensuring greater comfort and balance. Available in a brand-new swivel frame in varnished solid wood as well as a trestle base, with or without swivel wheels.

Roger | Minotti

As a site-specific installation, tailor-made to suit its hosting venue based on the specific requests of its commissioning agent, the Roger seating system, designed by Rodolfo Dordoni, carries the hallmarks of Minotti’s 2021 Collection which is a modern take on the Mid-Century spirit halfway between Rationalism and Brutalism. A customised base in profiled aluminium with a black coffee-coloured varnished finish, which supports the padded elements and case volumes above, all of which are customizable.

The Marmini Collection | La Chance

Designer Hannes Peer was deeply inspired by the work of New York artist and art critic Scott Burton, in particular his Rock Chair, seen clearly in this two-piece collection. Both the chaise longue and stool juxtapose triangular shapes of Verde Alpi, Bianco Carrara and For di Pesco marble topped with Lelievre fabric upholstery and play with notions of functionality and sculpture.