Anony releases new light fixtures and designs

Anony released new products that exhibit the evolution of their design in a new direction. The studio showcased two light fixtures, and their first two designs that aren’t lights: stone tableware and a steel stool, at WantedDesign 2021 in New York City on November 14th and 15th.

“Lights are sculptural, so it was only a matter of time before Anony expanded beyond illuminating and illuminated objects. The Trio stool and Stone collection showcase our desire to find new perspectives on simple geometry,” says Christian Lo.

Wisp – Suspension Light
Materials: Steel, Aluminum, Glass

Inverting the idea of a suspended chandelier, Wisp’s shade catches light instead of projecting it. A single cable runs from light to ceiling, suspending a captivating shape in mid-air. Touching the light allows you to tune brightness, while sliding the shade controls diffusion.

Node – Pendant, Chandelier
Material: Steel, Aluminum, Glass

Node. Chandelier
Photo credit: Jake Sherman

The Node Light uses the language of circles to present a delicate imbalance. A glass sphere traces its perimeter through a steel cylinder, attached at the source of light: an LED, the node. The material contrasts of weight and opacity add to the imbalancing act. Node hangs free as a chandelier, or can be organized as a table light or wall sconce.

Stone – Tableware
Material: Travertine or Volcanic Stone

Stone. Collection
Photo credit: Joel Esposito

A square revolved. A bowl and pill represented as stackable geometric vessels. The Stone collection intentionally avoids an obvious form to elude an inherited use of the object. It can be used as a sculpture, holder, or weight.

Trio – Stool
Material: Steel

A patterned, steel pipe repeated. Three identical pieces are fitted together to create the distinctive triangle shape. Each pipe is carefully machined, bent, and welded.