Karim Rashid’s personality shines through in two new lighting lines

Known for his unencumbered, contemporary pieces infused with personality, Karim Rashid has released two collaborations with Granti and Russian lighting company Centrsvet.

Born from the idea that shapes affect our mood, the Kobble collection adorns Karim’s signature “blobject” language, devoid of ornate distractions that evoke a sense of harmony and positive energy.

The collection features a floor, table, task, and wall light, and it’s the Egyptian designer’s first collaboration with Gantri – a digital manufacturer of lighting based in the Bay Area of California. Each piece within the collection draws inspiration from the universal, soft form of cobblestones.
Complete with a museum-grade LED bulb, custom dimmer switch, and made with plant-based materials, every light from the Kobble Collection was built in Gantri’s factory.

The Auroom collection is Rashid’s first collaboration with Centrsvet. The adjustable low-voltage luminaire system is made of 100 per cent brass, and can be adjusted at any length and configuration.

“I created unique designs for Centrsvet using pure geometry married with organic forms, with function being always inseparable. My desire was to materialize the immaterial ‘light’. May they inspire your environments with my signature Sensual Minimalism,” says Karim.

The luminaires are equipped with an effective cooling system. The heat is conducted away from the light source and dissipated with a cutting-edge radiator that is made of thick aluminum. Using concentrating optics instead of conventional reflectors, all LEDs undergo rigorous selection and testing of color temperature and color rendering values.

Personalized and easy-to-control lighting, Auroom Collection creates a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere or an energetic and vibrant one.