Alchemy, Toronto

Studio Paolo Ferrari, Toronto

Photography by Joel Esposito

The client brief was clear: challenge the stigmas surrounding cannabis in a space that not only creates a destination for aficionados, but also a point of discovery for customers new to cannabis. The brand’s flagship melds high-tech ingenuity with natural materials to create a space akin to a fashion house or contemporary apothecary-like boutique, landing somewhere between a laboratory and a temple: a serene environment with energetic bursts rooted in escapism. The planning of the store creates retail zones where product is organized by type, giving the customer space to wander and discover without intimidation. The materiality continues the duality of tech and nature: utilitarian solid aluminum used for retail fixtures and a suspended ceiling conceals building services and provides added acoustics, while eco-resin is utilized to create the colour blocked accessories room and edibles display. The industrial durability and slight luminosity of Corian is used for the main display shelving and a solid ash central table and handmade terracotta tiles in the checkout area gives the space a wabi-sabi quality.