All Eyes on Me (AEOM), Toronto

Reflect Architecture, Toronto

Photography by Riley Snelling

The design for this ultra-contemporary optometry company samples and references cultural and artistic influences, in particular the streetwear-influenced evolution of high fashion. A Cartier jewellery box served as a starting point in the design process of this 650-sq.-ft. space, seen in fabric-lined walls and floating white shelves that sit above light-washed acid-edge mirrors. Off-white floors of scrapped white tiling were chosen to emphasize both a minimalist palette and a nod to 1980s excess. Browsing and engaging with the pieces, the clientele is guided through the rectangular space, anchored by a lounge area at the back where a muted point of sale doubles as a bar. In contrast to the retail area, the hidden clinic rooms just behind the lounge are designed with the utility of a lab coat in mind, finished in a crisp white aesthetic.