Duo Café, Toronto

DK Design Associates Inc., Stouffville, ON

Photography by Eric Lau, Tricolour

This sister boutique to Duo Patisserie in Toronto has been slowly but steadily growing a reputation for baking some of the city’s best croissants. So when it came time to design the 3,200-sq.-ft. café that features an on-site ice cream, chocolate, patisserie, and baking area with general seating, it seemed natural to pay homage to the thing that made them famous. Inspired by the delicacy of these famed viennoiserie pastries, the design blends different textures, layers, and handcrafted details in a walnut-toned space styled with a hint of luxury. This croissant motif is particularly dominant in the soft curves of the CNC-cut feature panel, which is included in Duo Café’s brand pattern and draws one’s attention to the beautifully displayed baked items. It also acts as a cheeky divider which allows guests to enjoy the food while they can see fresh artisanal pastries being brought out each time.