First Gulf Head Office, Toronto

Figure3, Toronto

Photography by Steve Tsai Photography

Located in the Globe and Mail Centre (which the client built), a new workplace for a staff of 180 needed to convey urbanity, creativity and visibility, for which unobstructed panoramic views of the city served as the perfect starting point. The idea of visibility continues prominently as one moves through the interiors: a balance of work settings including open seating, interior offices, and non-bookable privacy rooms allows staff to be more visible to each other, something notably absent in the former siloed work environment. With the vision of putting the company culture on display, the community space and lunchroom — typically hidden behind doors — are placed at the forefront, adjacent to the reception and boardroom facility. A blend of materials and raw textures such as concrete and marble, mixed with natural woods and warm, plush tones compliments both the commercial and residential functions of the client, as does the hospitality lounge which features a double-sided fireplace like that of a hotel lounge.