Innovative Orthodontics Dr. Voudouris, Toronto

Bortolotto, Toronto

Photography by Tom Arban

The first thing that patients and visitors see when entering Dr. John Voudouris’s new 2,100-sq.-ft. orthodontist office is a custom sculptural light feature descending from the ceiling in topographic levels. This fixture holds the protective glass barrier that marks the reception desk, itself a distinct piece of millwork that twists down off the wall in an arc and backed by a curving wall of frosted glass panels, making the space feel bright and open, while still incorporating measures for patient privacy. A palette of white paint, glass, and brushed metal — while familiar materials seen within clinical spaces — are used here as points of contrast with Voudouris’ art and photography collection. The design team incorporated diagrams of Vourdouris’ orthodontic patents onto glass partitions between the clinic’s dental chairs, and when viewed as an overlapping series, the panels give the clinic a sense of flourish against the clean lines of the rest of the space.