Joe Fresh Flagship, Toronto

Burdifilek, Toronto

Photography by A-Frame Studio / Ben Rahn

The design strategy for this newly opened flagship store was to create a distinctive look and feel with one bold stroke. A row of customized bright orange translucent glass screens begins the colourful transition between exterior and interior. As shoppers enter, they are met by a juxtaposition of sculpted geometric volumes and planes, mingling with high gloss and matte surfaces, bold colours, and creative installations. A “signature orange” defines specific areas and provides a dual purpose of concealing functional areas, including a cube-shaped fitting room and a stock room, while warmer materials  such as custom oversized tables and displays made of wood laminate and recycled rubber flooring create visual balance. Then of course, there’s the geometrically sculpted, life-sized orange giraffe dominating everyone’s attention in the kid’s zone. Hanging in suspension from a contrasting white ceiling, the giraffe gazes down at shoppers and infuses the space with an added sense of magic and playfulness, while also serving as a social gathering point.