Judges’ Pick: Catty

EOOS, for Division Twelve, Toronto

Photography by Brandon Titaro

Designers of the Catty were challenged by a simple question, “What is the least amount of material required to create a chair?” Their answer is two curving steel tubes that form the backrest, and a smooth, thin plane of steel or wood veneer that forms the seat. Inspired by the classic lion tamer chair, Catty’s shape is created by two sets of lines that meet for only a moment before going off on their own once again. The lines of the back curve under the seat to form an endless loop,  and with the armed option this same line appears to twist up and around in an organic fashion. The simplicity of this  design and the flowing lines create a timeless yet fresh feeling of harmony. Catty can be customized to complement any design concept and is available in over 20 of Division Twelve’s finish options, which is expanded each year to include the Pantone Color of the Year. Seats are available in Natural White Oak or Red Oak stained to match any of the  manufacturer’s Sandtex powder-coat finishes, or 100 per cent steel for rugged indoor and outdoor use.

“Catty has a look that makes people happy. Minimalist yet stylish, Catty is a fabulously discreet seat that feels light, giving an impression of barely there. The clever stackable function is versatile. A smart design makes use of simple bent metal which is inconspicuous but is built to last. The less-is-more approach to sustainable design and careful craftsmanship enhances its timelessness.” — Catherine Chong, professor of Industrial Design in the Faculty of  Applied Sciences & Technology, Humber ITAL