Major Tom, Calgary

FRANK Architecture & Interiors, Calgary

Photography by Chris Amat

Located on the 40th floor of Stephen Avenue Place with striking panoramic views of Calgary and its surrounding landscapes, this vintage-meets-modern restaurant and bar employs a palette of subtle and well-considered details that harken back to the late 1960s, a time when elevated restaurants were a destination serving the ultimate cross-section of society. Indirect soft cove lighting throughout sets the mood and highlights the existing cast concrete ceiling geometry of the 1970s building. The classic bar inlaid with exotic stone and bronze detailing creates an elegant focal point, while plush bespoke seating, rich tones, warm leathers, and dark wood lure you in for cocktails and conversations in the spirit of Truman Capote, whose biting humour, quick wit, and ability to party harder than anyone else was an inspiration for the design team when crafting a watering hole to be at once elevated and approachable, playful and at ease, confident and gracious.