Rundle Bar, Banff, AB

FRANK Architecture & Interiors, Calgary

Photography by Chris Amat

Being located within the iconic Banff Springs Hotel meant this project required a design that contributed to the prestige and grandeur of the hotel while honouring its nostalgic old-world charm. For Rundle Bar (named after nearby Rundle Mountain, the source of much of the stone used to build the hotel), inspiration was drawn from the notion of a living room with bespoke furniture groupings and intimate lighting pockets. A central showstopping bar anchors the space and ties into double-volume arches that were once part of the original building façade, now transformed into full height shelving with a custom bronze and wood engraving above. One of the original arches located adjacent to the grand bar was converted into a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf with a secret door leading guests to an intimate dining area, and the once underutilized mezzanine was reinvented as an opulent space with a dedicated cocktail bar and plush lounge seating.