Swing Like No Other

hART Design Inc., Montréal

This contemporary piece of outdoor furniture is an architectural gesture that accompanies a nearby Corten steel shed structure with defined areas to work, rest and play, itself an extension for a house in Blomidon, Nova Scotia. Intended as a platform where one can enjoy beautiful views of Maritime landscapes, the design is composed of two steel triangles and explores themes of balance and weight, exhibited in the choice of steel as a material that allows for the thinnest lines but with maximum strength. A playful exploration of geometry, the side view exposes two triangles, mimicking popular swing designs found in suburban backyards in the 1970s. The main triangle is sturdier and acts as the main support system,  while the secondary triangle is a thinner line and supports the steel bench. Both triangular structures drape over the pole, like a strap. The swing’s minimalist expression appears as a thin line drawing in the landscape, and the bench portion is  custom laser cut to reflect the surrounding topography.