Winners of the fourth annual Fantini Design Awards announced

Fantini USA announced the winners of the fourth annual Fantini Design Awards, recognizing excellence in kitchen and bath design throughout North America.

The Fantini Design Awards selected six winners from the completed projects category based on creativity, design, inspiration and quality of the submitted materials. Architects, designers and building developers were called upon to submit projects inspired by water using Fantini products.

The top winners are: 

A unique home in Montreal, Quebec featuring the Aboutwater by Boffi and Fantini’s AF/21 Fukasawa collection throughout 2 bathrooms. Photography courtesy: Ulysse Lemerise

Elmire, Photo Credit — Ulysse Lemerise

A one-of-a-kind cottage in Toronto, Ontario featuring the Aboutwater by Boffi and Fantini’s AF/ 21 Fukasawa collection and Fantini’s Fontane Bianche collection throughout 5 bathrooms, sourced from Ginger’s Bath. Photography courtesy: Niamh Barry

Lilypad, Photo Credit — Niamh Barry

A modern minimalistic home featuring the Fontane Bianche collection throughout 1 bathroom, sourced from Snyder Diamond. Photography courtesy: Chad Mellon, Mellon Studio

SIGNAL, Photo Credit — Chad Mellon, Mellon Studio

Additional winning projects include:  

A simple yet elegant lake house in New Fairfield, Connecticut featuring Fantini’s AL/23 Lissoni and AK/25 Kim collections throughout 4 bathrooms, sourced from Ferguson- New York & New Jersey. Photography courtesy: David Gilbert

Connecticut Lake House, Photo Credit — David Gilbert

A sophisticated, bohemian home in Portland, Oregon featuring Fantini’s I Balocchi collection throughout 1 bathroom, sourced by Chown Hardware. Photography courtesy: Dina Avila

Marlsborough, Photo Credit — Dina Avila

A timeless home in Vancouver, British Columbia featuring Fantini’s Milano, Venezia and Balocchi collections throughout 3 bathrooms, sourced from Cantu Bathrooms- Vancouver, BC. Photography courtesy: Jesse Laver

Mathers Avenue, Photo Credit — Jesse Laver

One representative per winning project will travel to the Fantini headquarters on the Lake Orta in Pella, Italy in 2022, as a part of a 4-day, all-expenses-paid trip at Fantini’s resort.