Harbourfront Centre brings Nordic arts and culture to Canada

Inspired by the innovation and sustainability initiatives coming out of the Nordic Region, Harbourfront Centre highlights Nordic ingenuity in its forthcoming festival programming.

“We will be connecting brilliant contemporary artists and thinkers from the Nordic Region with Canada for a year-long celebration of multidisciplinary arts and culture,” says the organization.

Here’s a look at some of the upcoming events and performances:

JANUARY 20 – FEBRUARY 13, 2022
Nordic Lights
Fjord Studio (Oslo, Norway)
Harbourfront Centre welcomes its audiences back for illuminating outdoor winter experiences, starting with Nordic Lights, a dazzling display of Nordic and Canadian light art.

JANUARY 21 – MARCH 20, 2022
Long Journey Home
Liss Stender
Long Journey Home is an exhibition by Graphic designer Liss Stender, who considers herself a pioneer for contemporary Greenlandic culture through her designs.

JANUARY 21 – MARCH 20, 2022
Shared Terrain
DesignTO Project
Exhibition In-Person

‘Shared Terrain’ is a group exhibition that fosters cultural exchange between the Nordic Region and Canada. This exhibition is structured around exchange and conversation between 10 creatives from distant locations who are collaborating with each other for the first time.

JANUARY 21 – APRIL 20, 2022
Design Matters
Anders Jansson
SWEDEN, FINLANDDesign Matters presents objects and methods of design and fabrication that soon may become part of our everyday lives.