Stûv America celebrates 20 years of its product line

Stûv America celebrates the 20th anniversary of the Stûv 21, a wood-burning fireplace that has evolved and transformed into one of the company’s must-haves in the product line.

Launched in the early 90s, its predecessor, Stûv 20, was Stûv’s first real commercial success. Its popularity led the company to conceive an improved version of this fireplace with its guillotine door.

Stûv 21-125
Photo credit: Résidences Boutique

It took several tries before arriving at the blueprints for the first prototype. Today, Stûv 21 is a family of wood-burning fireplaces, made up of several models available in either single or double-sided. Stûv 21 is the only hybrid fireplace in its category, meaning that it offers heating performance, while also creating an ambiance.

Stûv 21-125
Photo credit: Charles Lanteigne

Stûv 21’s tilt-down door makes it easier to service the mechanical components. The guillotine glass window, unlike a guillotine door, eliminates the need to put a frame at the bottom, so the view of the fire is never obstructed, and the door mechanisms, the insulated shell, and the convection kit used to heat the space are all neatly tucked away.

Stûv 21-125
Photo credit: Ema Peter Photography

In 2001, to showcase our fireplaces at trade fairs, we had to build a fake surround around the appliances. These were costly, complicated to produce, and had to be disposed of after use. All this went against the company’s values. The situation prompted the team to create steel shells in which to present the Stûv 21. They were an immediate hit. Customers loved the unique cladding and requested them for their homes. A new product was thus created: the Stûv 21-clad,” says the company.

Stûv 21-125
Photo credit: Tatjana Plitt

Technical sheet

Product name: Stûv 21

Appliance category: Wood-burning fireplace

Exterior: Steel

Interior: Vermiculite

Colour: StûvGrey

Size: Several models available, single- or double-sided

Power: Heats up to 1,800 sq. ft. (60,000 BTU)

Details: Hybrid – Ambiance fire or auxiliary heating, versatile convection system, can be connected to outside air, accessible mechanical components, high heating power, easy to light, generates little ash, minimalist design, wide view of the fire, and easy to clean.