Louis Poulsen launches new designs to the Keglen Series by BIG Ideas

Danish lighting manufacturer Louis Poulsen is launching new designs in their Keglen family, in collaboration with BIG Ideas, this February.
BIG Ideas, BIG’s technology-driven specialist product division, is managed by architect and partner Jacob Lange. The collection, originally designed by Lange as a series of pendants focusing on the geometry and essence of the light, has expanded to include a table lamp, floor lamp, and wall lamp.These additions are well-suited for hotel rooms, schools, offices, restaurants, residences, and other public spaces.

Each lampshade has a curved built-in diffuser, as well as, a discrete uniform opening in the top of the shade. The table version of Keglen is based on the Ø175 pendant. It uses the corresponding shade but the stem morphs into the bottom diffuser, allowing an organic geometry to break the otherwise straight lines.

The table lamp comes with a base or a pin mounting, and the on/off and dimming switch is located on the base or pin along with the cord. The Keglen Floor builds on the family relationship with the Ø400 pendant. Using the same shade size, the stem morphs into the bottom diffuser, folding it inward as with the table lamp.
Like the conical shade, the stem and base are designed to be graphic and simple. The Keglen Wall uses an equivalent shade to the Ø175 pendant but in an angled position that is parallel to the wall box and the wall, where it can be mounted to direct the light either downward or upward. The shade is adjustable, and it can rotate 45 degrees to either side for better glare-free light distribution. The on/off and dimmer switch is positioned on the wall box.

“The geometric and metallic shades have an organic diffuser that resembles a drop of water. In the table and floor versions, the insert meets the lamp stem and flows organically around it like liquid exhibiting surface tension,” says Lange.