Scavolini introduces a new custom walk-in closet system

Scavolini Toronto and Vuesse Design, the Research and Development department of Scavolini, are starting off the new year with a line of customizable walk-in wardrobes called Walk-In Fluida.Fluida’s sophisticated aesthetic is designed around optimizing organization in the bedroom and offers versatile solutions in terms of modularity, finishes and adaptability.

The wardrobe systems also come with all-new aluminum-framed glass doors, transparent smoked glass, and accent lights for added ambience

The new Fluida product line includes new accessory components, such as a clothes rack and pull-out frame, sliding clothes rack, storage drawers and trouser and shoe racks.

Five different colours, ranging from pale hues to  dark shades (Pure White, Seagull Grey, Iron Grey, Garden Walnut and Nuance Larch), which can be paired with door materials with push-pull openings or handles. 

The collection is equipped with designs that can be linear, or fit in a corner, with visible modules, or closed modules, and even includes free-standing solutions that can act as partitions within a room. 

“With more time spent at home during the pandemic, renovations and home upgrades have been on a rise – especially those related to home organization,” says Scavolini.