Karim Rashid designs a new collection using ocean plastics

Karim Rashid’s use of Tide Ocean Material in his Oceana collection is an ecological step towards holistic design. Oceana is part of the Circular Ocean Plastic project of Solaris Community, underneath a United Nations program “Closing the Loop”.
The Circular Ocean Plastic Project explores innovative solutions for repurposing the world’s marine plastic litter into premium long lifecycle products.

Utilizing state-of-the-art technology that encourages cross-sectoral collaborations, leans into sustainable circular economy models, and helps standardize a global green supply chain. The technology used, from the breaking down and pelletizing of the plastics to 3D printing, can produce superior materials that can be repurposed for nearly anything and stand the test of time.

“I have so much respect for Solaris and their mission so to develop rapid prototyping objects not only saves the earth via the collection of plastics from the ocean but also is manufacturing on demand. MOD is the way of the future, so we don’t overproduce. When someone ordered an object is produced so no need for exerted wasted energy with producing and warehousing products or even retail shops. No middlemen, less expensive overhead and we don’t create the surplus of manufactured goods”, says Karim.