Sylvia Lee launches GEO light for Toronto Design Week

Glass designer Sylvia Lee  has launched her GEO lighting series for Toronto Design Week at the Toronto outpost of LUMAS Gallery. The collection is a cluster of hand-blown wall lights inspired by river rocks that are worn smooth by water and time.
“We are extremely excited to be able to showcase the work of such a talented designer as Sylvia Lee. In her newest installation GEO, we truly see a modern translation of the beauty and power of nature through Sylvia’s vision and artistry. This melding of worlds is not to be missed,” says Kristofer Sakamoto-Marshall, Gallery Director at LUMAS Toronto.

Aside from her own design platform, Lee has been the executive and creative director of  Jeff Goodman Studio for more than 15 years: “At this stage of my career, I enjoy creating products that merge craft and design which offer beauty and flexibility for architects and designers to customize. But at its core, there is always an artistic concept that I build on”

For GEO, she explains “I imagined standing on a bridge and looking down at the smooth grey and blue stones in a river, perpetually shaped by two constant life forces, water and time.”The inspiration behind all of Lee’s work often comes back to standstill moments and personal perspectives. Her last contributions to DesignTO involved glass installations that were inspired by looking at a distant landscape through a keyhole, and piecing together a distant view through a telescope. “I don’t plan on it, but human perspective always ends up being a part of it”

Each glass ‘stone’ or bowl is hand-blown and has organic, natural form. Mounted inside is a silver leafed bulb cover, so when the light shines through, it gives a subtle majestic shimmer.The GEO light is inspired by the Topography installation which Sylvia designed for Jeff Goodman Studio, where she remains active as its executive and creative director. “Jeff passed away almost 10 years ago, and our studio remains active in production, artistry and innovation. It’s a real testament to his legacy. Our Temple Glass is currently on exhibition at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington D.C. and has been inducted into the Corning Museum of Glass in New York. I’m beyond grateful to be leading the studio in the spirit of his vision, but also carving out a platform for my own work with the support of our craftspeople.”

GEO will be on window display day and night until Feb, 6th, 2022 at LUMAS: 159 Yorkville Ave, Toronto.