Performance Fabrics: Swatch This Way

Why sacrifice style for functionality? These new upholstery collections can withstand the toughest cleansers while still being fashionable and colourful.

Terrain Elements | Kettal

Designed by Doshi Levien for indoor and outdoor use, this new fire-retardant acrylic fabric is washable, colour-fast, and resistant to damage by mould, chemicals and sunlight. They are also water-repellent, mainly for weather protection, available in 28 colours and are designed to combine with materials such as marble, stone, wood, rattan and coated metals.

Vertex Crypton Collection | Architex

This collection blends 3D design elements and Crypton performance to create a geometric forward collection fit for high traffic venues. Nine patterns are offered in 79 colourways ranging from classic, subtle neutrals to trending colour pops, with stain resistance, antimicrobial and moisture barrier technology woven in.

Uf Select | Ultrafabrics

For this new collection the company has moved production normally done in Japan to a new mill in Mexico to explore textures, elements and colours inspired by traditional Mexican handicrafts. Debuted at NeoCon 2021, the three lines – Lino, Montage and Impasto – can withstand regular cleaning and disinfection, including bleach solutions, and each fabric has 10-week hydrolysis resistance and is REACH Compliant.

Koolfab | Morbern

Outdoor vinyl seating is notorious for the “hot seat” effect of reaching blazing temperatures due to being overheated by the sun’s rays. But now this Ontario-based company has developed a new built-in IR reflective technology that prevents vinyl from reaching sizzling outdoor temperatures, even on dark colours including black. It allows the vinyl to reflect the sun’s rays away instead of absorbing them, so the surface stays cool and comfortable.

Jazzy Collection | Unika Vaev

Inspired by The Jazz Age and fashions of the Roaring ‘20s, this collection includes four new designs. “This collection is all about the ease of blending bold pattern, texture, and colour,” says the company’s design director, Courtney Brooks. “The namesake of the collection celebrates a crisp graphic signature, harmonized by melodic organic textures that embody warmth and synergy.”

Accord Collection | Concertex

Applauding the technological advancements in performance fabrics, the collection highlights include two new Tekloom patterns (Onward and Revive), two digitally printed silicone hybrids (Affinity and Jubilee), an ultrasonically embossed and metallic etched polyurethane (Rendezvous) and an indoor/outdoor phthalate-free vinyl (Verdant). All boast an abrasion resistance of over 100,000 double rubs, bleach cleanable, and with a Graffiti-Free finishing.

Textile Card | Keilhauer

The outcome of a recent partnership with U.K. textile group Camira is a selection of four new colour wools that are made from all-natural fibers and certified to Indoor Advantage Gold. Aligned with both company’s sustainability goals, all four textiles (Blazer, Main Line Flax, Silk and Yoredale) are rapidly renewable and compostable, and contain antibacterial and antimicrobial properties.