Altherr Désile Park designs an armchair for Arper

Designed by Barcelona-based studio Altherr Désile Park for Arper, the Kata armchair is Arper’s first solid wood lounge seat that draws inspiration from artisan-made wood, and woven straw chairs.

Photo credit: Salva Lopez.

Kata’s minimal silhouette integrates contemporary, sustainable solutions in an expression that’s both graphic and warm. The chair blends oak and black locust wood in a frame with a unified seat and back made from a 3D knit textile.The knit cover is created from recycled polyester made from post-consumer plastic that is converted into durable and lightweight fibers.

Roughly 1-kilo of waste – or about 48 half PET bottles – is used to produce 1-kilo of yarn, which results in less plastic going into landfills. The process also uses less energy than producing virgin polyester and supports the recycling system by providing another commercial application for recycled goods.

“Kata finds form in juxtaposition—an evocative gesture in the movement between material presence and minimal silhouette, softness and strength, tradition and technology,” says the furniture company.

Kata uses hardwood timber from certificated FSC production  to ensure the longevity of the product. The varnish used on wood is water-based, and recyclable plastic and lightweight cardboard, made without glue, are used for shipping. Kata can be entirely disassembled and recycled.