FLOR launches its first carbon negative area rug

FLOR released its first-ever cradle-to-gate carbon negative area rug with the launch of Peninsula, Stratosphere and Hemisphere. The rug styles take cues from nature and its  carbon-storing ability by utilizing materials that sequester carbon from the atmosphere to make rugs.
According to the company, this means these rug styles draw more carbon from the air than they release from the extraction of raw materials through manufacturing: “This keeps the carbon from entering the atmosphere where it would otherwise contribute to global warming.”

The carbon negative products are a result of combining the following innovations: the carbon negative materials in the brand’s CQuest backing, ECONYL yarn and FLOR’s tufting process, all resulting in a negative carbon footprint that benefits consumers and the planet. The CQuest backings line is developed by parent company Interface – it includes new bio-based materials and more recycled content than before.

FLOR has featured Aquafil’s ECONYL regenerated nylon in its products for more than 10 years. This solution is made from nearly all recycled waste – fishing nets, textile scraps, old carpet, etc. – that would otherwise pollute the Earth. It is featured in most FLOR area rugs rather than brand new nylon that uses new resources. 

Over the years, FLOR has continued its commitment to lower its carbon footprint through responsibly-sourced materials, manufacturing powered by renewable energy, and carbon negative rug backing technology. The FLOR carbon negative rugs are the latest step in the brand’s journey to actively benefit the planet.