IMM Cologne: Pretend it Happened

Although IMM Cologne ultimately had to scuttle the planned January 2022 iteration, many would-be exhibitors decided to use the imprint of that lost timeslot to present their new products anyway.

P.O.V. | Ton

The new collection consists of almost 70 table variants, all of which feature a base made of three identical bent plywood panels. Designed by kaschkasch, the name references the organically shaped table base, which looks different from every angle thanks to its rounded triangular footprint.

Mate | Wendelbo

Designed by the prodigious Sebastian Herkner, this side table is evocative of a juggler balancing a plate on a pole. The solid oak circular tabletop floats above the conical veneer base like a helping hand, seeming to lean towards the user either wanting or giving attention.

Tojo-angeber | Tojo

This simple but ingenious hall stand can either be a freestanding piece or positioned against a wall and provides clothing storage space. The slots milled into the top panel accommodate clothes hangers while horizontal slits can hold metal hooks and shelves that can be slid into place, at adjustable eye levels.

Magnolia | Brühl & Sippold

Designer Kati Meyer-Brüh was inspired by magnolia flowers for this soft seating collection. A soft, rounded backrest wraps around the seat base in a U-shape, while the outside is divided into vertical segments and the strikingly curved inner surface is structured by an additional horizontal seam.

Eclair Bold | Zeiraum

Designed by Britta Nehrdich, this solid wood bed with a thickly padded headboard comes in various woods in soft outer contours. Everything about it is emphatic simplicity, starting with the footboard that sweeps slightly upwards and wraps around the mattress like an embrace that conveys a sense of security and support, while different depth options provide enough space for motorized slatted bases and extra-high mattresses.

Kasual Collection | Essential Home

With this collection of armchair, matching pouf and sofa variants for Essential Home and DelightFull, New York-based Canadian ex-pat Karim Rashid has once again dipped into his bag of tricks to balance comfort with cartoonish zest and organic forms in successful (if recognizable) ways.

Lento | Vincent Sheppard

Enjoying la dolce vita is exactly what Belgian designer Bertrand Lejoly had in mind when creating Lento (Italian for slow). The outdoor furniture collection features a mix of natural teak, tactile polypropylene rope and comfortable cushions, brought together in a low-slung design.