Luminaire Authentik showcasing Québec brands during IDS

Luminaire Authentik is presenting a showcase event of five Québec brands in parallel with IDS Toronto. The exhibition, supported by Investissement Québec International (IQI) will take place from April 8-10 at the Toronto store of Luminaire Authentik.

Luminaire Authentik focused on selecting complementary exhibitors and designing an exhibition space around the theme of ‘La Maison Sensible’ – The Sensitive Home. The design process began with the dismantling of Luminaire Authentik’s existing lighting showroom in order to redesign the 700 sq. ft. boutique into a welcoming home.

LA Luminaire Authentik
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“The idea was to create a sense of warmth and comfort, with seamless transitions of soft colours, raw materials, and an eclectic feel that embodies our roots as a local company,” explains Maude Rondeau, Founder and President of Luminaire Authentik. “We may be from Québec, but we’re neighbours, and we’re proud to offer Canadian-made products that support local businesses.”

To showcase the designs of the five Québec brands, including Béton Architectural Johnstone, Élément de base, NumérArt, Coquo, and Luminaire Authentik, the companies collaborated on design schemes featuring coordinated colour palettes and natural textures to softly wrap their collective products.

After opening their Toronto store in late 2020 during the pandemic, Luminaire Authentik was eager to leverage the opportunity to not only solicit business from the Canadian and international design community, but also to formally introduce themselves to the Toronto market.

“Since we opened our Toronto store, we’ve wanted to do something special to take advantage of the traffic that Design Week brings to the city every year,”says Mrs. Rondeau,.

The event will begin on April 7th, with a day of invitation-only visits from 1-8pm by architects, designers, industry media, and influencers interested in commercial projects for hotels, restaurants, and home interiors. From April 8-10, ‘La Maison Sensible’ will remain in place, with doors open to the public from 10am to 5pm.

“We do business with companies in other Canadian and US markets, but we are eager to reach people in the Toronto market who perhaps haven’t discovered us yet,” says Mrs. Rondeau. “The timing of this opportunity is perfect, and we look forward to entertaining guests in our home.”

Exhibition: La Maison Sensible
Dates: April 8-10, 2022
Hours: 10am – 5pm
Location: Luminaire Authentik Showroom, 1027 Queen Street East, Toronto
Exhibitors: Luminaire Authentik, Béton Architectural Johnstone, Élément de base, NumérArt, and Coquo