Havergal College wins design challenge to reimagine the classroom

Havergal College is one of three schools to win the Dream on Amazing challenge, a global competition that brought together high-school STEM students from the ages of 14 to 17.

In this challenge to design a “Mars-inspired, ecological classroom of the future,” Havergal College’s project was inspired by the understanding of how the international space station is transported and put together. 

The Canadian representative team created a system that can be disassembled and reassembled somewhere else, which helps to reduce construction waste together with the incorporation of solar panels.

This feature earned the Canadian school a top three classification in Dream on Amazing 2022’s challenge, a global educational initiate co-promoted by global space entities, and sponsored by Amorim Cork Flooring.    

The project was developed by students Carol Rong, Kaitlyn Leung, Angelina Tseng (Team leader) and Jessica Torkos. “As a team of like-minded individuals with big dreams for the future, we are honored to be one of the winning teams of the Dream On Amazing Global Challenge! We believe that our sustainable, modular cork classroom design has the potential to bring education to more youths and create a brighter future. We greatly appreciate the hard work of everyone involved in the competition; taking part in it was truly memorable and it will be an unforgettable experience. Being four passionate girls who want to pursue a future in STEM and architecture, we will continue to work towards our vision for a better world,” said Tseng.

As a prize for their futuristic design of the “future classroom”, Havergal team have earned their school the brand new ‘Mars flooring’, a cork flooring design developed by the challenge’s promoter, Amorim Cork Flooring.

When asked about where the floor was going to be applied, Tseng said “As a leading private girl’s school in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, sustainable, futuristic, and resilient cork flooring aligns with Havergal’s commitment to a better future for youth. Our campus is currently under renovation, and we believe that cork flooring will be an excellent addition that will add to our supporting, stimulating environment. After much consideration, we’ve decided that our playgrounds will be a great place to add Amorim’s cork flooring! It will help young students become more aware of environmental sustainability from a young age, and we hope that notion will stay with them as they grow to become the world’s future leaders.”

In addition, the team will now also get the chance to visit Portugal in an all-inclusive trip to visit Amorim Cork Flooring and learn more about cork’s potential and versatility as a sustainable material for construction and design applications. 

Among the jury panel that graded the submissions were Architecture and Design studios and Space entity representatives from a total of 13 different countries, including Toronto-based Revel House.