APDIQ and RénoAssistance announce referral service partnership

The Professional Association of Interior Designers of Quebec (APDIQ) and RénoAssistance have announced a referral service partnership for residential and commercial construction or renovation projects.

“This partnership is important for APDIQ and its members,” says Marie-Claude Parenteau-Lebeuf, Executive Director of the Association. “It highlights the accreditation associated with the education, skills and expertise of professionals, and reaches a larger pool of clients thanks to the excellent visibility of RénoAssistance. It sends a reassuring message to customers about the quality of the interior design professionals referred by RénoAssistance.”

The partnership allows clients to obtain more accessible service under the same banner, and guarantees compliance with the same quality standards, says the companies. The APDIQ imposes high membership criteria on its members, and RénoAssistance also performs the same checks with its other partners, such as validation of insurance, years of experience and business number.

According to the APDIQ, the organization brings together more than 500 professional interior designer members who “hold recognized training, error and omission liability insurance, and who follow the strictest code of ethics, in order to guarantee quality in each of their mandates.”

The mission of both organizations is fulfilled by contributing to quality projects and saving time and energy for customers: “We are facilitators throughout the renovation process,” says Eric Périgny, Chief Operating Officer and founder of RénoAssistance. “By adding the expertise of APDIQ interior designers to the services of verified contractors, architects and technologists, as well as building engineers, our offer becomes even more complete. We know that the success of a project depends on a good number of expertises. RénoAssistance creates this cohesion and, in the end, it is the client who is the big winner, saving time, energy, and often money since many errors are avoided by establishing a solid process and optimal collaboration.”