Larose Guyon releases a new sea-inspired lighting collection

Larose Guyon’s collection of sea-inspired lighting captures nature’s splendor in intricate textures, shapes, and finishes. After a full year of development, Abysse emerged as the latest addition to the boutique’s artisanry sculptural works.

Photo credit: Talcik & Demovicova

“We invested a lot of time in developing Abysse into something that would be fluid and magical,” says Félix Guyon, co-founder of Larose Guyon. “Beyond its functional efficacy, we have infused an air of mystery and otherworldliness into the design.

Each globe in the Abysse collection is hand-blown by a glass artisan in Montreal. Inside each primary globe, an urchin-inspired, flaked inner glass globe highlights the studio’s artisanship. The inner globe creates a seabed illusion, which is further enhanced by the presence of two incongruent brass ball attachments that appear to float like pearls.

Photo credit: Talcik & Demovicova

Abysse is an abstract artistic interpretation of aquatic nature that allows people to really use their imaginations,” says Audrée L. Larose, co-founder of Larose Guyon. “It’s the beautiful result of numerous attempts to strike a perfect balance, including the decision to use filtered glass in order to control each globe’s luminosity, and to further contribute to the seabed illusion.”

Photo credit: Talcik & Demovicova

Abysse is achieved through the collection of its parts, with Larose Guyon’s focus on authentic textures contributing greatly to its sea-inspired mystique. Illumination is provided courtesy of an external source mounted on the outer edge of each primary globe, firing light through the attached internal globe and magnifying its luminosity throughout. Once illuminated, reflections generated within the globes bring them to life, like holograms. 

The warmly lit globes are complemented by bold elements with dark aged brass textures, chosen to replicate the appearance of ocean-aged oxidation. A brass ceiling plate facilitates Abysse’s centralized wiring, while multiple ceiling-suspended chains, encased in brass tubing, enable the spreading of its configurations, while mimicking the texture of ropes enveloped in seaweed.

Photo credit: Talcik & Demovicova

“With Abysse, we endeavored to separate the functional parts from the decorative parts,” explains Ms. Larose. “In addition to facilitating the manufacturing and installation process, that separation also facilitates asymmetrical dimensions for multiple configurations.” 

Abysse succeeds in achieving Larose Guyon’s vision of a modular design to accommodate a multitude of settings, and the studio’s investment in experimentation provides its customers wide flexibility in adapting the collection to their specific needs.   

“Our ability to capture contemporary aesthetics through old-world craftsmanship is a tribute to our vision and our commitment to remaining a small and intimate studio,” concludes Ms. Larose. “We have been telling stories through our collections for several years now, and we will continue to focus on meticulously handcrafted designs inspired by nature’s endless beauty.”

Photo credit: Talcik & Demovicova

Technical sheet

Collection: Abysse

Designer : Larose Guyon

Launch: May 26, 2022

Configuration: 3, 5 or 8 globes in 2 sizes

Materials and finishes: dark aged brass, hand textured metal, textured hand blown glass, aged brass chain