Outdoor Collections: Breath of Fresh Air

Outdoor furniture that vividly demonstrates how comfort and style don’t have to be confined to the indoors.

Big Roll | Sifas

Those inflatable noodles that remind us of summers spent horsing around in swimming pools is the aesthetic that characterizes this range of outdoor furniture, which consists of seven pieces ranging from seating to tables.

Bjhon Collection | Agape

The pandemic has helped expand our concepts of home uses, so maybe it is not so strange to consider moving some of our bathroom behaviours outdoors. Agape is certainly a fan of that, with washbasins, faucets, tubs and accessories designed for outdoor use. New additions to the collection include the Bjhon family of washbasins by Angelo Mangiarotti, now made in Petit Granit and in all Cementoskin colours.

Outdoor Games Tables | Union Wood Co.

There is a growing trend in urban areas and workplace developments to create engaging outdoor spaces where people can escape the hustle and bustle of busy life. Vancouver-based Union Wood Co.’s contribution to this movement are new outdoor ping pong and shuffleboard tables made of weather-resistant materials and two base options whose angled frames mimic supportive beams found in industrial areas and bridge construction. www.unionwoodco.com

Take-Out | Landscape Forms

Available in five silhouettes and three colours, Rodrigo Torres’s modern design for the attached seating category is light enough to be picked up and rearranged, giving versatility to outdoor gatherings, be it face-to-face or spread out. “It’s about creating options for both ‘me space’ and ‘we space’ across a range of scales,” says Kirt Martin, Landscape Forms CCO.