Hamilton Holmes explores new concepts of maximal decoration

Hamilton Holmes has expanded its OXALINO Collection of fine furniture and one-of-a-kind maximal objects with the Peacock Table. The piece is a collectible design featuring decorative ‘OXALINO’ technique that is applied to all surfaces of the furniture.Every piece of OXALINO furniture is decorated individually. Hamilton Holmes describes the style of line-work as a combination of classical forms and rhythms, mixed with the company’s own expressive design style.

The pattern is meticulously hand painted with an oxidizing solution on tannin rich wood causing a chemical reaction. Every line is drawn with a brush until 100 per cent of the surface of the furniture is covered by OXALINO and the pattern is complete. The wood is then finished with a whitened oil that highlights the natural wood grain of the material creating a moiré effect. The new ‘Peacock Table’ evolves the technique to include more developed patterns inspired by the history of ornament.

The artist’s research included a review of the physical ornamentation of different cultures and periods from the ancient Aztecs, to the Byzantine Empire. Holmes then recreated the patterns in his own way and transformed them into a meta-pattern based in pure geometry

According to the furniture company, the development of hand painted patterning overlaid onto solid wood high design furniture will continue to be a focus of the studio in the coming years.

The Peacock Table is a special edition of the Hamilton Holmes Lakeside Table.