Portugal Home Week

On 21 and 22 June in Porto, Portugal, the home of port wine and cork, international visitors were exposed to some of the best Portuguese solutions for home and hospitality, including key manufacturers in the furniture, home textiles and domestic utilities sectors. Recognizable names such as Wewood, Insidherland, Cobermaster, Glammfire and Flam&Luce were there, as were a host of new and noteworthy makers.

An international event organized by the Portuguese Association of Furniture and Related Industries (APIMA) visitors from countries such as the USA, Canada, France, Spain, United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Belgium and Nordic Countries, among many others, were in direct contact with the Portuguese companies. “We are immensely proud to hold an event of this impact and dimension in Portugal. We understand, from the number of visitors and their enthusiasm, that MADE IN PORTUGAL deserves more and more recognition and demand at an international level,” said Joaquim Carneiro, president of APIMA.

João Dias, Board Member of AICEP, believes that “Two years after the first edition (in 2019), Portugal Home Week is back, discussing the trends and challenges facing the sector, but, above all, showing international customers the quality and excellence of what is created and produced in the Home Sector in Portugal. Our companies are managing to combine talent, design, architecture and art with R&D, technology, and innovation in a remarkable way.”