Supreen launches new menswear-inspired patterns

Supreen’s new menswear-inspired patterns offer three new wool-influenced textures reminiscent of houndstooth, heathered flannel, and tweed men’s suiting — in over 54 colourways.

Designed for commercial spaces from healthcare to hospitality, the new materials exemplify a marriage of performance, sustainability, and aesthetics.
Prioritizing human health and the environment since its inception, Supreen has been free of PFAs and fluorocarbons even before increased governmental regulations were put in place, in addition to being HHI and Prop 65 compliant with a manufacturing process that removes 99 per cent of invisible contaminants.

While still maintaining these qualities, all three new patterns of Supreen are made with solution-dyed polyester, offering a material quality evocative of sophisticated menswear.  

“Replicating the regal tones and classic textures often observed in the world of men’s fashion, the new Supreen patterns evoke a sense of warmth not often associated with performance fabrics,” says Debbye Lustig, Supreen’s Vice President of Design. “Like any fine suit, we designed these patterns with comfort and luxury in mind. We wanted the new textures to do more than just feel good, and by pairing both neutral and bold colourways with the recognizable timelessness of the three wool-like patterns, we were able to achieve a balance of modern and traditional design, in a very subdued yet eye-catching manner. Colour should coordinate, not dominate.”

The new patterns range from everyday neutrals to lavish hues of red, purple, gold, and even brighter undertones like teal, with the houndstooth pattern offered in 14 colourways, the flannel-like heathered pattern in 23 colourways, and the tweed-inspired pattern in 17 colourways.