IDS Vancouver reveals design for central feature

Vancouver’s Interior Design Show is coming back this September, from the 22-25, exhibiting a central feature that animates a canvas with the projection of a flickering pattern, as sunlight filters through the trees.Designed in collaboration with landscape design studio Donohoe Living Landscapes in collaboration with industrial designer and artist Brent Comber, Dappled is a reflection of life’s transformed interactions with nature post pandemic.

The display refers to an enhanced appreciation for the outdoors gained through the pandemic experience, and the recognition that amidst the chaos, we were given the chance to slow down and find joy in the smaller details of life.

“The intrinsic connection between community and the environment is at the heart of our DNA,” says Yael Goldshmid, Director, Brand Marketing, Americas at Caesarstone. “Our approach to this year’s installation was rooted in the idea of giving back and nurturing collaboration among attendees within a quintessentially organic setting.”  

From music, to sound to scent, the installation simulates dining under a forest canopy and the practice of forest bathing (shinrin-yoku) or mindfulness among the trees. The communal dining table, designed by Pacific Northwest entrepreneur and designer Brent Comber, is created using sustainably sourced and local materials with seating for up to 50 guests.

Dappled focuses on sustainability, community and coming together again. It’s an expression of gratitude for what nature has meant to us over the last three years — a reprieve from isolation and a replenishing space for us to connect.