The Quebec Trade Office in Vancouver announces an interior design event

The Quebec Trade Office in Vancouver presents a 2-day interior design event called  La Maison Éphémère, in collaboration with Luminaire Authentik,and host SwitzerCultCreative.

Luminaire Authentik
Finlandaise 0410-LA00 Design
Murmur Interieurs
Photo Credit: Photographie Interieure Co

“We are very excited to host this showcase of Quebec brands. We at SwitzerCultCreative have always prided ourselves for seeking out and supporting Canadian talent and brands to represent, so this collaboration is a great fit for us,” says Adam Bellas, Partner, SwitzerCultCreative.

From September 22-23, six Quebec companies, including showrunner Luminaire Authentik, will represent furniture and decor designs from the province in celebration of their visit to the Pacific Northwest. The companies include Luminaire Authentik, Johnstone Architectural Concrete, STÛV America, WetStyle, Wynil, and APPAREIL Atelier.

“We are eager to reach people in the Vancouver market who perhaps haven’t discovered us yet. The timing of this opportunity is perfect, and we look forward to entertaining guests at La Maison Éphémère,” says Maude Rondeau, Founder, Luminaire Authentik.

The showroom will create dedicated space for each of the exhibitors, who have collaboratively selected displays in neutral tones to help foster the ambiance of a home. Each “room” within the display of la maison will be hosted by representatives of one of the six companies.

More than 300 local architects and interior designers will be invited to schedule visits by appointment. La Maison Éphémère takes place in the Armoury District, the heart of Vancouver’s architecture and design community.