Interface becomes certified as a Carbon Neutral Enterprise

Interface, Inc has announced that it is third-party certified as a Carbon Neutral Enterprise. The company is a Carbon Neutral Enterprise according to the PAS 2060 standard, the international carbon neutrality standard created by the British Standards Institution (BSI).

Image © Christopher Payne / Esto

To achieve this, Interface has transformed its factories, products, and supply chain – including using innovative new carbon storing raw materials – to dramatically reduce its carbon emissions. According to the Carbon Neutral Enterprise, verified emissions credits are necessary to balance emissions that Interface has not yet been able to reduce. Ultimately, the company intends to balance its carbon impact without them.

“Now everything we do, every aspect of our business, is carbon neutral,” said Laurel Hurd, CEO of Interface. “We have worked tirelessly to radically decarbonize, tapping into our culture of innovation and design, resulting in what we believe are the lowest cradle-to-gate carbon footprint carpet tile products on the market, even before applying offsets.” 

“We are incredibly proud of this achievement, and we’re not stopping here. We will continue to decarbonize even further. Reduce first, keep reducing, and balance what’s left with credible offsets, until those offsets are no longer necessary. That is our way,” says Hurd. 

Interface states that it believes in verifying its carbon management plans, as well as emissions and carbon credits, against rigorous, internationally recognized standards. The company’s third-party verifier reviewed this information against PAS 2060 for 2021 to assure the Carbon Neutral Enterprise achievement. Interface plans to conduct an annual review and re-certification to maintain its status. 

“To become a carbon negative enterprise by 2040, we must store more carbon than we emit without the use of offsets,” continued Hurd. “Along the way, we continue to transform our own operations and materials, and partner with our suppliers to further reduce Scope 3 emissions. If Interface can do it, every company can. We continue to invite others to join us as we work to reverse global warming and create a climate fit for life.”