Stûv America launches Canada’s largest Stûv Studio

Stûv America opened its fifth studio showcasing nine wood-burning appliances, at Saint-Alphonse-de-Granby’s Cité du Feu. Almost all of the devices presented at the new Stûv Studio can be lit, and guests can discover the full range of Stûv 6, Stûv 16, Stûv 21, Stûv 21-clad, and Stûv 30 lines.

Spotlight on the Stûv 21-125. The Stûv unit with the largest view of the fire.
Photo credit: Audric Gagnon – PENGUIN

“Our Stûv Studio is specifically designed to have customers enter and experience the Stûv universe,” says Marketing and Customer Service Director Nadia Gilbert. “It also becomes the perfect place to learn about our products in an immersive way, and to see how they not only stand out for their aesthetic attributes, but for the optimal user experience they convey through their design and manufacturing qualities. Designed by Muuk Architecture, the showroom exudes a warm and comforting atmosphere.”

General overview of the Stûv Studio at Cité du feu de Granby and the lit up appliances.
Photo credit: Audric Gagnon – PENGUIN

Since 2007, Stûv America has been offering North American customers the Belgian Stûv range of wood-burning appliances. Of its 35 models on the market, most are entirely manufactured at their Bromont plant.

“We develop our products in order to ensure a pleasant and satisfying experience for all involved. This includes the talents involved in manufacturing, retailing, and installation, as well as the end user who will ensure maintenance,” says Stûv America’s co-owner and founder, Vincent Boudreau.

Staging of the Stûv 16 and Stûv 21 family of wood stoves: (16-H) (left), (16-cube) (center) and Stûv 21-clad double-sided (right).
Photo credit: Audric Gagnon – PENGUIN

“Our components are systematically studied and perfected in order to maximize the use of raw materials and the durability of the finished product. The devices’ sleek designs make them timeless.’’

In addition to this new Stûv Studio located in the Cité du Feu, in Granby, customers may also visit four other Stûv Studios located in the following businesses: Centre du Foyer Saint-Jérôme (Saint-Jérôme); Noréa Foyers Rive-Sud (St-Hubert); Les Cheminée Gamelin (Québec); Les Foyers Mirabel (Saint-Eustache).