Teknion Toronto Regional Task Force designs A Different Booklist Cultural Centre’s space

Teknion has recently engaged their Toronto Regional Task Force to find ways to connect holistically with the local Toronto community.

The team of 15 members worked with A Different Booklist Cultural Centre (ADBCC) to help them design their new space. Teknion donated design services and furniture to meet the needs of a range of space types – from lounge areas to classrooms. 

From left to right: Sharleene Osbourne, Sales Coordinator, Teknion; Judah Mulalu, Principal, Ten-2-Four Architecture; Nazli Salehi, Principal, Ten-2-Four Architecture

Originally a bookstore, ADBCC, located in the heart of downtown Toronto, has grown and evolved into a non-profit hub and destination that shares and gives voice to the rich culture and history of Canadians of African and Caribbean ancestry.

Sharleene Osbourne, Sales Coordinator at Teknion, got Teknion involved in the project when she met Judah Mulalu, Principal, Ten-2-Four Architecture; and Nazlie Salehi, Principal, Ten-2-Four Architecture; and they discusses the perils and promises of community development and revitalization. Sharleene learned about their work with ADBCC and wanted to get Teknion involved.

“There’s not a lot of people who look like me in the A+D community, so it was important for me to get involved – to connect my industry with my community,” says Sharleen Osbourne. “That means building awareness within my community and promoting architecture and design as a viable career path. Getting Teknion involved on an ongoing basis will help ensure we stay connected to the diversity and promise of our city and our industry – two things I’m super excited about.”