Crack Open a Pop-Up: Club Cossette

LAAB Collective and Signature Design Communication introduce a new take on the office pop-up.

After two years of remote working, the folks at Cossette were ready for some post-pandemic razzle-dazzle in their new Montréal office spaces. The answer: Club Cossette, a “third space” that is really more about expressing the marketing and communications agency’s brand than it is about complete practicality.

An assembly of 24 vertical cylinders with a mirror finish separated by self-illuminating strips, inside which are inserted visual displays for events, exhibitions and openings. (Photo: Raphaël Thibodeau)

Starting with the metaphor of a “brasserie” as a working template, the design team of LAAB collective in collaboration with Signature Design communication stripped down the brief to its essentials to focus on a simple and iconic figure of the “brasserie” theme: the 24-pack aluminum beer can (actually a “tall boy” in its proportions). The resulting 24 vertical mirror-like finish is inspired by brasserie restaurant mirror surfaces, and with programmable coloured pulsating lights magnify the liveliness of the social spaces.

An integrated system of concealed sliding doors provides access to the white interior showroom. (Photo: Raphaël Thibodeau)

The presence of this mysterious monolithic object in the centre of the room generates a layout that creates subspaces specific to targeted uses, with a “dinette” and “garden” located along the windows for working lunches, a relaxation space inhabited by ottomans on the north side, and “terrace” of Moderno sofas positioned in front of the conference rooms.

Attention-grabbing notwithstanding, the life-sized Two-Four does have some functional value as well: concealed sliding doors open to reveal a utilitarian space within, inspired by the “beer fridge” and cold storage room. The interiors are pristine white and equipped with shelves, fridges, and walls made of pegboard for the hanging of objects. The space takes on a retail showroom appearance and can serve as a visual display for the agency’s campaigns, products, and brands.