The UQAM Design Centre presents Drawing Conversations

The UQAM’s Design Centre presents Drawing Conversations: an exhibition that brings together the work of 16 architects and academics in an exchange on contemporary drawing practices in architecture.

Photo credit:
Bryan Cantley, Syntaxonome SourceCode, 2020

Drawing Conversations brings together a corpus of 75 drawings, the majority of which have never been shown to the public, punctuated by sound extracts from conversations recorded during the group’s meetings over the past four years.

These conversations, initially restricted to the collective, are expanded in the exhibition as it itself creates a space for new dialogues: The exhibition will host the 2nd international colloquium of Bureau d’étude de pratiques indisciplinées (BéPI), -in drawing workshops open to the public, led by five participants in the exhibition from Europe and Canada, from October 24 to 27 .

Photo credit: Bryan Cantley, Malleable Databases/Operable Con-versations, 2019

The exhibition originates from the meeting between the curators and professors at the École de design from UQAM Carole Lévesque and Thomas-Bernard Kenniff, and the Drawing Architecture research project initiated by Riet Eeckhout and Arnaud Hendrickx of KU Leuven university in Belgium.

The project convened biannual meetings between a group of renowned international practitioners, offering them the opportunity to discuss their drawing practice. 

The exhibition expands on these encounters by focusing on the capacity of drawing to engage reflection on modes of representation, design practices and research fields, and the role of this reflection in the construction of a common world. It focuses on the collective exercise of interrogation and develops around drawing as a mechanism of interaction.