Room for Growth: Bonduelle’s New Headquarters

Bonduelle’s freshly designed headquarters in Brossard is a space that offers different work styles to increase employee performance. Designed by Lemay, the office features biophilic design elements, and an optimized ventilation system.

Photo credit: Claude-Simon Langlois

Named for its proximity to the REM, Station B reflects a company whose identity is grounded in plant life. Inspired by the metaphor of the tree and the interconnected system it represents, Station B finds its roots in the first-floor cafeteria, a gathering place that naturally hums with activity and interactions between colleagues.

Photo credit: Claude-Simon Langlois

This focal point extends through the trunk of a wide and generous staircase crowned by lush vegetation, and into the branched and private workspaces that occupy each floor’s periphery of the windows, reminiscent of greenhouses with glass partitions.

Photo credit: Claude-Simon Langlois

As part of the company’s relocation, Bonduelle’s teams had the opportunity to participate in the development of a new approach to workplace strategies. Led by Sandra Neill, “Bonduelle’s new business-focused workspace is an inclusive work environment with a variety of locations, offering employees the opportunity to choose the best type of space—individual or collaborative—to fit their personal needs and preferences. This innovative workplace promotes physical health and wellness by focusing on the employee and customer experience, and by encouraging active movement throughout the day.”

Photo credit: Claude-Simon Langlois

Founded in 1853, with the objective of inspiring a transition to plant-based products, until now, Bonduelle corporate employees were spread out across several offices, including in Montreal, St-Denis, and St-Césaire. Station B now brings all employees together under one roof.


Client: Bonduelle Americas

Interior Design: Lemay

Developer: Devimco-Solar Uniquartier

Entrepreneur: P&R Desjardins

Electromecanical engineering: BPA

Furniture: Groupe Focus

Lighting: Ventes Futura

Tile: Daltile, Ciot, Caesarstone, Italbec

Floor coverings: Interface, Stonehard, Tarkett, Armstrong, Mannington

Photos: Claude-Simon Langlois