Salone del Mobile.Milano releases Sustainable Guidelines for trade fair

Salone del Mobile.Milano  has announced new Sustainable Guidelines for its 2023 show.  According to a release from the organization, the show will use recycled and recyclable or reusable materials for building the common areas, and choose institutional partners whose strategies are centered around a genuine concern for people and the planet.

To further amplify this positive impact, Salone has expanded the green guidelines issued last year to the exhibiting companies, in an effort to provide them with the greatest possible support when it comes to designing, planning, and carrying out their activities at the fair.

“Aside from matters of certification and apart from moments of crisis such as those we’re experiencing right now, caused by spiraling energy costs and the lack of raw materials in the wood-furnishing supply chain, it is our firm belief that whatever the Salone del Mobile does must be guided by a profound sense of ethical duty,” says President of Salone del Mobile.Milano, Maria Porro.

The Salone has shared the following recommendations with its own community: as regards the installations, companies are recommended to come up with circular solutions for the structure and materials for the exhibition spaces, cutting waste and optimizing energy, transport and storage; cutting down on packaging or employing reused or reusable packaging; selecting materials on the basis of source distance, with logistical sustainability in mind, including reused or reusable physical communication supports.

With regard to stand building materials, recycled wood and cardboard products are preferred, or ones from sustainably managed forests with FSC or PEFC certification; as are curbing the use of non-reusable materials often destined for disposal; opting for plastic-free or recycled plastic materials; reusable pallets that have been repaired or sourced through exchange schemes; opting for water-based paint, ecolabel products and ecological detergents free of toxic components.

“These days, companies are in a position to play a guiding role in this process, collaborating with governments, regulatory bodies, investors, partners and suppliers. Salone is right there with them, ready to provide whatever support is called for in order to make all this happen,” says Porro.