2Stor Caddy

Office Specialty, Toronto

Photography by Office Specialty 

As the behaviour of workers in an office space evolves, so too do all the physical elements within that space. Being in the era of the office nomad, with employees moving to and fro between the home and the office and within the office itself, means they come with stuff and need a place to put it. Hence the need for creative storage solutions, something Office Specialty has been dealing with for 130 years. The 2Stor collection includes seven new product lines to help manage workplace storage, and of particular interest is the Caddy: bring your stuff with you from touchdown spaces to assigned seating to transitional zones, and the magnetic trays can be easily removed and stored in a locker when you leave the campus. Rounded edges and hundreds of colour and finish combinations including Inscape’s 24 different Nuform finishes can be used to blend in or stand out with any office style.